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NCFU Expert Invited to Review Athens Journal of Philology

16.01.23 9:37

Category: Main

Vera Golodnaya (Associate Professor, Department for Humanities & Mathematical Disciplines, NCFU Branch in Nevinnomyssk) has been invited to join the board of editors at the Athens Journal of Philology (AJP, Athens Institute for Education and Research), which is an open access quarterly journal focusing on various issues related to languages, Linguistics and Literature.

The journal employs the peer review method, which is done to ensure the highest possible degree of reliability of such reviews. Besides, as Vera Golodnaya noted, it allows relying on the content of each article submitted yet not on the authority and respect of the author.

Athens Institute for Education and Research is an institution founded in 1995 aiming to promote international experience exchange among researchers and academia, as well as to identify the potential course of progress for many research fields. Currently, the Institute’s body of researchers embraces 2,500 experts representing 116 countries.