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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy


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Address: 1 (Building 3), Pushkina Str, Stavropol, Russia, 355000
Dean’s Office: Room 101
E-mail: hff@ncfu.ru

Academic Department: Room 216
Telephone: (8652) 95-68-00

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy was established in 2020 through joining all the departments involved in chemical studies, training and research.

The major core of the faculty includes the Department of Organic & Analytical Chemistry and the Department of Non-Organic and Physical Chemistry, which were established by dividing the Department of Chemistry – one of the oldest departments (est. 1930). The department has gone through numerous transformations to become what it is now – an advanced center of training and research.

As for the technological core of the faculty, it is the Department of Chemical Technology.

The total number of students of the faculty is over 400 persons.

Our departments


  • 04.03.01 – Chemistry (Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Expertise and Environmental Safety; Medical Chemistry; Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies)
  • 18.03.01 – Chemical Technology (Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Sources and Carbon Materials)

  • 33.05.01 Pharmacy

  • 04.04.01 – Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
  • 18.04.01 – Chemical Technology (Oil Refining Technology)

  • 04.06.01 – Chemical Sciences (02.00.03 – Organic Chemistry)
  • 18.06.01 – Chemical Technology (05.17.07 – Chemical Technology of Fuels and High-Energy Substances)

Our methodological schools include

  1. New Methods of Selective Synthesis for Complex Molecular Structures (Head – Prof. A.V. Aksenov)
  2. Fundamental Issues of Medicine and Pharmacy (Head – Prof. E. A. Manvelyan)

Our research schools

  1. New Methods of Selective Synthesis for Complex Molecular Structures (Head – Prof. A.V. Aksenov)
  2. Heterostructures of A3B5 Compounds and Their Respective Quantum-Dimensional Structures (Head – Prof. Igor A. Sysoev)

All our research projects are run in cutting-edge laboratories that offer a wide range of opportunities to all those interested in scientific career, while our cooperation network includes more variety of partners, both national and abroad, such as Southern Federal University, Ural Federal University, Moscow State University, Russian University of Chemical Technology, Perm National Research University, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (USA), University of Kansas (USA), University of Texas (USA), Institute of Organic Synthesis (Latvia), to name just a few.

Aleksandr Aksenov

Aleksandr Aksenov

Dean, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Natalia Demidova

Natalia Demidova

Acting Deputy, Dean for Academic and Educational Activities Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

Stanislav Scherbakov

Stanislav Scherbakov

PhD, Associate Professor, Acting Assistant Dean for Research Activities