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Scientific library

  The Scientific library of North-Caucasus federal university is one of the largest university libraries in Russia, worth by modern technological infrastructure and comfortable reader servicing. It is an intellectual and information center playing an important role in the university educational, pedagogic, research and innovative activity.

  The library information facilities comprise more than 2.5 million units of different types of publications from 17 to 21 centuries: books, magazines, video films, documents on CDs, floppy disks, recording tapes. Annual arrivals number more than 50 thousand units and subscription to the national and foreign periodicals includes more than 500 names. In particular, there is a fund of rare book section and a rich collection regional study publications.

  Alongside with traditional publications the library makes up the funds of electronic databases of documents and books. The hybrid library is also available for visitors. New information technologies, implemented in the library, provide access to the world intellectual wealth.

  In the framework of Russian libraries integration and cooperation for service quality improvement NCFU library became a member of Russian Library Association (RLA), National Electronic Information Consortium (NEICON) and Association of Regional Library Consortium (ARLICON).

  The University library constantly strives to attract as many visitors as possible – students, lecturers, postgraduate students, candidates and doctors of sciences. Special attention is paid to creation of favorable environment for creative and effective work. There are twenty five comfortable reading halls (total number of seats is 1500), including halls with the access to educational resources, full-text databases of magazines on Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, History, Sociology, Theology and Mathematics.

  Electronic educational resources, provided by the library, include such largest national and foreign bases of full-text documents as university information system "Russia", "Russian State Library", scientific electronic library "e-Library", publishing houses "Institute of Physics", "Sage Publications", "Springer Link", "Ebsco" and many others.

The visitors are able to use subscriptions to the scientific literature, belles-lettres and academic books and the services of interlibrary loan that allows getting a publication or its copy from the best Russian libraries. Annually the library arranges hundreds of various thematic exhibitions and there are active ones of new arrivals and works of university scientists all year round. Presentations of new scientific and academic publications, prepared by NCFU professors and lecturers, are held in the library.

Being the most important university unit and having vast and various information and documental fund, the scientific library is capable to support a wide range of visitors’ requests.

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