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Institute of Digital Development


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2, Kulakova Ave.(Building 9), Stavropol, Russia 355009
Tel: +7 (8652) 95-68-00

Academic department: Office 324
Tel: +7 (8652) 95-68-01; +7 (8652) 95-68-00

E-mail: vipetrenko@ncfu.ru


The society is now moving fr om technocratic to industrial, and the entire global community is in the very beginning of its way to become an information-based world, wh ere training top-qualified IT experts is going to be a priority.

Our Institute is currently focused on offering training to those seeking to earn a degree and skills, which would make them highly competitive in the labor market.

We are now happy to offer training within the following areas and on the levels as indicated below.



  • 09.06.01 – Information Science and Computer Hardware (System Analysis, Management and Information Processing; Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Packages)
  • 10.06.01 – Information Security (Methods and Systems for Information Protection, Information Security)
  • as well as we have a research council awarding Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science degrees based on respective works completed.

  • 19.04.02 – Information Systems and Technologies (Information Systems in Research and Production; Software for Robotic Systems; Data Management) (double degree program jointly with the University of La Sapienza, Rome, Italy)
  • 09.04.03 – Applied Information Science (Mathematical and Software for Economic Activities (network); Knowledge management (possible double degree jointly with the Technical University of Dresden, Germany)
  • 10.04.01 – Information Security (Comprehensive Protection for Computed Facilities; Mathematical and Software Support for Information Security)
  • 11.04.02 – Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems (Systems and Devices for Radio Engineering and Communications; Green-Communication Technologies)
  • 44.04.01 – Pedagogic Education (Information and Communication Technologies in Science and Education)
  • 04.11.04 - Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Physical Electronics);

  • 10.05.01 – Computer Security (Information-Analytical and Technical Expert Evaluation of Computer Systems)

  • 10.05.03 – Information Security in Automated Systems (Secure Automated Control Systems)

  • 10.05.02 - Information Security of Telecommunication Systems (Technical Protection of Information in Information and Telecommunication Systems);

  • 09.03.01 – Information Science and Computer Hardware (Automated Information Processing and Management Systems; Programme Support of Computer Hardware and Automated Systems)
  • 09.03.02 – Information Systems and Technologies (Applied Programming in Information Systems (network)
  • 09.03.03 – Applied Information Science (Applied Information Science in Economics)
  • 09.03.04 – Software Engineering (Software Development and Maintenance)
  • 10.03.01 – Information Security (Information Security Arrangement and Technology)
  • 11.03.02 - Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems (Communication Networks and Switching Systems; Infocommunication Systems and Networks)
  • 11.03.04 - Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Industrial Electronics);
  • 44.03.01 - Pedagogical Education (Informatics and Information Technologies in Education);
  • 03.44.05 - Pedagogical Education (with two training areas) (Information Science and English).

Bachelor’s in English

  • 10.03.01 Information Security (Information Security Arrangement and Technology)

Vyacheslav Petrenko

Vyacheslav Petrenko

Acting Director, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel: +7 (8652) 94-42-36

E-mail: vipetrenko@ncfu.ru

Ivan Azarov

Ivan Azarov

Acting Deputy Director for Academic Activities, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

E-mail: iazarov@ncfu.ru

Dmitrii Goncharov

Dmitrii Goncharov

Acting Deputy Director for Scientific Activities, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

E-mail: dggoncharov@ncfu.ru

Tatiana Grobova

Tatiana Grobova

Acting Deputy Director for Educational Activities, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel: +7 (8652) 95-68-34

E-mail: tgrobova@ncfu.ru

Maria Lapina

Maria Lapina

Deputy Director for International Activities, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

E-mail: mlapina@ncfu.ru