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Why Study Here

Another academic institution? An enormous building with rooms full of people bent over books all studying something?
A place you have to attend to get a degree?


Located in the City of Stavropol (Russia), and given its staff of nearly 1,500 and a student body of around 25,000 people, NCFU is the largest academic institution in the region with two branch institutes in adjacent places.

Coming from a merger of three major regional universities, it is one of the ten Federal Universities of Russia, which was launched to follow a special mission – offer top quality training thus propelling the region’s economy, and this we have been doing with flying colors. Our graduates have found employment in numerous fields, many of them holding top offices in Ministries and agencies not in Russia alone yet far beyond this country.



1,500 lecturers many of them employed in respective

areas to bring perfect first-hand experience into the room

25,000 students including


Our nine Institutes offer training through more than a few academic fields – from Psychology and Education to Oil & Gas Engineering and Hospitality Business with field placement in the most successful companies all around the region. And our professors make it fascinating indeed, be that a lecture, which is more like a peer-to-peer discussion, or a seminar involving numerous case studies and personal professional experience.

Besides, there’s more – should you fancy research, then you all you need is to choose one of our 27 research schools embracing 47 areas, and join a team of scholars who will be more than happy to share their expertise. Our people have already completed, and are still running many projects funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Research Foundation, etc.



27 research schools embracing

47 areas



We are never happy with what we have so often invite foreign lecturers from the world’s best institutions, which has earned us a network of cooperation with universities like University La Sapienza (Rome, Italy), Technical University of Dresden and Heidelberg University (Germany), Lisbon University and IP Coimbra (Portugal) to name just a few, which, in turn, allows out students to travel to the partner institutions and spend a semester or a whole academic year there while training under the best professors and even complete their degree papers.



95% employment rate for our graduates



Attending a university, though, is not about academia only but much more – what we offer is a life, a life that any of our students can live up to the fullest enjoying a range of extracurricular activities. From the instant you arrive and up to the moment you get your degree you will be always welcome at the International Education Department – the place to offer you accommodation at our comfortable dorms, help arrange your time, and even offer a piece of advice should you decide to travel around the region to see the beautiful green landscapes of South Russia or hit the white slopes in the alpine resorts that are only a two-hour drive away. And even before you travel you’ll never be bored with our state-of-the-art gym, brand new swimming pool, song and dance clubs and an outdoor sports ground that is available 24/7.

The options are too numerous to even try mentioning them all here because we are sure to leave something out anyway. Some may even find it too much of a dream to be true. Yes, we couldn’t agree more here but before you make up your mind here’s one thing we would like to remind: the old adage “Better to see something once…” has survived centuries for a reason. Now you decide. Our students are the ones who always make the final decision as we will always keep our door open to them.
All we can do is only assist. All you have to do is put your best foot forward.
NCFU. We Can’t Give Success but We Share It