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Dance project teams


"Talisman" ballroom dancing project team

At lessons the young people learn various dance styles, both of modern trends (reggaeton, dance hall, vogue and other styles), as well as classical ballroom dances (samba, tango, waltz etc.)  

Project team leader: Brezhneva Anastasiia Igorevna (+79633857101)


Folk dance project team "Cossack liberty"

The main direction of the ensemble’s creative activity is folk stage dance.

The team is a multiple award winner of all-Russian and regional competitions.

Project team leader: Belokopytova Elena Lvovna (+79282259216)


"Smile" Dance theatre

The repertoire of the collective includes a variety of dance styles (pop dance, show dance). Choreography, acrobatics, music, flight of creative thought and inspiration are amazingly combined here.

Team leader – Nesterenko Olga Vladimirovna (+79633839116)


"Maksimum" Modern dance project team

The repertoire of the project team includes hundreds of modern styles. The project team always keeps high standards of performance at all-Russian and European dance championships.

The "Maksimum" is a two-time champion of the "Eurasia" International dance forum, a multiple award winner of all-Russian ranking competitions.

Team leader – Iushkova Elena Igorevna (+79289683513)


"Highlander" Caucasian dance project team

"Highlander" today is not just a dance project team, but a Caucasian dance folk ensemble. The Caucasian dance folk ensemble "Highlander" invites everyone who wishes to learn the dances of peoples of the North Caucasus. Nor only will our ensemble give you the first-class dancing skills, but also a warm family atmosphere; we will also help you to make friends in a new city for yourself.

Project team leader – Hagazheev Eldar Ruslanovich (+79034268207)