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International academic exchange program for engineers and managers


What is Ge4?
Ge4 is an international association of global education for engineers and entrepreneurs organizing academic mobility for the bachelor and master students of the named majors. Ge4 was founded in 1996 and now comprises more than 60 prestigious universities of Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America and Australia. More detailed information about the partner universities is provided on the website of the association http://www.ge4.org/
Ge4 and NCFU

The agreement on cooperation between North-Caucasus Federal University and Ge4 was signed in 2013. Presently NCFU is the only Russian partner university of Ge4. The director of the Institute of Life Sciences of NCFU Bratsikhin A.A. is one of the members of Ge4 executive board. More than 15 students of the Institute of Engineering and the Institute of Oil and Gas of NCFU had the opportunity to obtain tuition free one semester training at the universities of South Korea, Portugal, Malaysia, Spain, France, Austria, Germany and Hong Kong.

What do you get joining the program?

It is a chance to study for free during one semester at a university abroad, to experience foreign educational system, to improve English proficiency, to obtain professional knowledge and practical skills and also an excellent supplement to the diploma of higher education and to raise competiveness in the labor market.

How can you participate?

It is necessary to collect a certain set of documents and contact International projects and programs department of International cooperation office of NCFU.

Required documents:

Application deadlines:

How much is it?

Tuition fees are free of charge. Students are supposed to cover travel costs (transport, accommodation, living expenses, student administrative fees at a host university, visa costs etc.). Students are recommended to get all necessary information on the website of chosen university and about the country and costs of living as well.