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Pyatigorsk Institute (Branch of NCFU)


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Address: 56, 40 Let Oktyabrya Ave., 357500, Pyatigorsk, Russia
Telephone: 8 (8793) 97-39-27
8 (879) 333-77-61

E-mail: pt.info@ncfu.ru


  • 07.03.03 Design of Architectural Environment (Urban Environment Design)
  • 08.03.01 Construction Engineering (Construction of Buildings and Facilities, Urban Construction and Economy)
  • 09.03.02 Information Systems and Technologies (Information Systems and Technologies)
  • 10.03.01 Information Security (Computer Systems Security)
  • 13.03.02 Electricity and Electrical Engineering (Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy in Energy Supply Systems)
  • 19.03.04 Product Technology and Public Nutrition Organization (Technology and Organization of Restaurant Business)
  • 38.03.01 Economics (Corporate Economics and Finance, Accounting, Audit and Legal Regulation)
  • 38.03.02 Management (Business Management)
  • 38.03.04 State and Municipal Administration (Regional Administration)
  • 40.03.01 Jurisprudence (Civil Law, State Law, Criminal Law)
  • 43.03.01 Service (Vehicle Service)
  • 43.03.02 Tourism (International Tourism, Tourism Activity)
  • 43.03.03 Hotel Business (Hospitality Activity)
  • 54.03.01 Design (Graphic Design)

  • 38.05.01 Economic Security (Financial and Economic Provision of Federal State Bodies Ensuring Security of the Russian Federation)
  • 38.05.02 Customs (Customs Control)

  • 08.04.01 Construction Engineering (Theory and Practice of Organizational, Technological and Economic Solutions in Construction)
  • 09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies (Technologies for Work with Data and Knowledge, Information Analysis)
  • 10.04.01 Information Security (Comprehensive Protection of Infocommunication Objects)
  • 19.04.04 Product Technology and Public Nutrition Organization (Product Technology and Organization of Nutrition Enterprises of Tourist and Recreational Cluster)
  • 38.04.01 Economics (Business Analytics in Digital Economy, State Regulation of Economy, Financial Security and Control)
  • 40.04.01 Jurisprudence (Civil Law, Civil and Arbitration Processes; Legal Support of State and Municipal Service; Criminal Law, Criminology, Penal Enforcement Law)
  • 43.04.02 Tourism (Innovative Technologies in Hotel and Tourism Business)
  • 43.04.03 Hotel Business (Strategies for Sustainable Development of Hotel and Sanatorium Activities)

  • Our Structure

    1. Faculty of Engineering
    1. NCFU School of Caucasian Hospitality
    1. Faculty of Economics and Management
    1. Faculty of Law
    1. College of Pyatigorsk Institute (Branch of NCFU) in Pyatigorsk
    2. Center of Additional Professional Education and Advanced Training

    Tatiana Shebzukhova

    Tatiana Shebzukhova

    Director, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation

    Arushan Vartumyan

    Arushan Vartumyan

    Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Activities, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor

    Marina Martynenko

    Marina Martynenko

    Deputy Director for Academic Activities, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

    Juliia Nagornaia

    Juliia Nagornaia

    Deputy Director for Educational Activities – Head of Educational Activities Office, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

    Yury Pavlenko

    Yury Pavlenko

    Deputy Director for Administrative and Economic Activities