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Institute of Humanities


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# 1, Pushkina Street, Build. 20, Floors 1-4, Stavropol, Russia, 355009
Tel: +7 (8652) 33-02-31
E-mail: epivanova@ncfu.ru


  • 41.06.01 – Political science and regional studies
  • 42.06.01 – Mass media, library and database activities
  • 44.06.01 – Education and pedagogic science
  • 45.06.01 – Language and literature studies
  • 46.06.01 – Historical science and archaeology
  • 47.06.01 – Philosophy, ethics and religion studies

  • 37.04.02 – Conflict studies
  • 41.04.04 – Political studies
  • 42.04.01 – Advertising and PR
  • 42.04.02 – Journalism
  • 44.04.01 – Pedagogic Education
  • 45.04.01 – Philology
  • 45.04.02 – Linguistics
  • 46.04.01 – History
  • 47.04.01 – Philosophy
  • 51.04.01 – Culture studies

  • 41.03.05 – International relations
  • 42.03.01 – Advertising and PR
  • 42.03.02 – Journalism
  • 44.03.01 – Pedagogic Education
  • 45.03.01 – Philology
  • 45.03.02 – Linguistics
  • 46.03.01 – History
  • 48.03.01 – Theology
  • 51.03.03 – Socio-cultural activities
  • 51.03.06 – Library and  database activities
  • 45.05.01 – Translation studies


The Institute includes

The teaching staff responsible for training at of the Institute includes 265 highly qualified experts (50 of them holding the degree of Professor) who have undergone training and field placement at the top best research and academic institutions, both in Russia and abroad. Besides, outstanding Russian and foreign (from Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, etc.) lecturers are frequent guests coming to deliver training to our students. A number of courses are currently taught in English thus enhancing the students’ academic mobility.

We are proud to have cooperation with the Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy), Kaposvar University (Hungary), Lublin Catholic University (Poland), Yerevan State Linguistic University (Armenia), Batumi State University (Georgia), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan), University of Granada (Spain), Dresden Technical University (Germany), which allows our students to travel to all these countries and enjoy training under world’s best experts supervision.

Research activities

Major research fields

  1. The Middle East and the Balkans in the system of international relations (Professor Kryuchkov I.V., Doctor of History Science)
  2. Daily life and ordinary mind in the history of the ancient world and the Middle Ages (Professor Krasnova I.A., Doctor of History Science)
  3. New cultural and intellectual history of the Russian province (Professor Bulygina T.A., Doctor of History Science)
  4. The Caucasus in the history of Russia (Professor Kolesnikova M.E., Doctor of History Science)
  5. Cultural diversity of the North Caucasus peoples (Associate Professor Vasilenko V.V., Doctor of History Science)
  6. Development and current state of provincial journalism (Professor Lepilkina O.I., Doctor of Philology Science)
  7. Isomorphic and allomorphic features of language systems in the translation aspect (Professor Serebryakova S.V., Doctor of Philology Science)
  8. Media-advertising discourse: system and dynamics (Professor Ezhova Ye.N., Doctor of Philology)
  9. Andragogic foundations for training professional linguists (Professor Lomteva T.N., Doctor of Pedagogy Science)
  10. Professional competence development of in Linguistics teachers in the intercultural educational paradigm (Professor Moscovskaya N.L., Doctor of Pedagogy Science)
  11. Cognitive and linguocultural aspects of the dictionary and the discourse (Associate Professor Krassa S.I., Candidate of Philology Science)

Scientific schools

  1. Contemporary ethnic issues (Department of social philosophy and ethnic studies)
  2. Linguistics of the text: semantics, syntactics, pragmatics (Department of the Russian language)
  3. Functional study of literature (Department of national and world literature)


7 research centers

  1. Cultural and natural heritage of the North Caucasus (Professor Kudryavtsev A.A., Doctor of History Science)
  2. Regional media space (Associate Professor Lepilkina O.I., Doctor of Philology Science)
  3. New local history (Professor Bulygina T.A., Doctor of History Science)
  4. Historical dimensions of modernization in Russia (Professor Pokotilova T.E., Doctor of History Science)
  5. Museum of Regional Literature and Local Literature Studies (Professor Serebryakov A.A., Doctor of Philology Science)
  6. Mass Media Center (Professor Ezhova E.N., Doctor of Philology Science)
  7. Modernity as a philosophical issue (Professor Erokhin A.M., Doctor of Sociology Science)

Research outcomes are published and delivered at conferences hosted in Austria, Germany, Hungary, USA, Italy, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.

Marina Kolesnikova

Marina Kolesnikova

Acting Director Honorary employee of higher professional education, Doctor of History Science, Professor

Address: Room 403, 1, Pushkina Street (Build. 20), Stavropol, 355009

Tel: +7 (8652) 33-01-95, ext. 4322

E-mail: mkolesnikova@ncfu.ru

Igor Zozulya

Igor Zozulya

Acting Deputy Director for Scientific Activities

Address: Room 316Б, 1, Pushkina Street (Build. 20), Stavropol, 355009

Tel: +7 (8652) 33-01-77, ext. 4202

E-mail: zozulya-igor@yandex.ru

Elina Pivanova

Elina Pivanova

Acting Deputy Director for International Activities Candidate of Philology Science, Associate Professor

Address: Room 104, 1, Pushkina Street (Build. 20), Stavropol, 355009

Tel: (8652) 33-01-96, ext. 4217

E-mail: epivanova@ncfu.ru

Olga Ganzhara

Olga Ganzhara

Acting Deputy Director for Educational Activities Candidate of Philology Science, Associate Professor

Address: Room 209, 1, Pushkina Street (Build. 20), Stavropol, 355009

Tel: (8652) 37-06-68

E-mail: oganzhara@ncfu.ru

Liudmila Ermolenko

Liudmila Ermolenko

Acting Deputy Director for Academic Activities Associate Professor

Address: Room 403, 1, Pushkina Street (Build. 20), Stavropol, 355009

Tel: (8652) 33-01-95 ext. 4205

E-mail: lermolenko@ncfu.ru