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Health insurance

Medical assistance for foreign citizens in the Russian Federation: only first and emergency medical aid is free of charge for foreign citizens in the Russian Federation 

Foreign citizens’ health insurance is of high importance for a safe stay in the country. Russian medical care can be public and private. A health insurance policy is required for medical treatment in public hospitals and clinics, including student ones. Private clinics accept patients without any health insurance, but the services are to be paid.

First medical aid

First medical aid in cases of immediate danger to life and health (accidents, injuries, poisoning and other conditions) is provided by police, military personnel, fireguards, rescue workers and other qualified persons.

Emergency medical aid

Emergency medical aid in cases of immediate danger to life and health (accidents, injuries, poisoning and other conditions) is provided by staff members of public medical institutions. The doctors bring the patient to a stable condition and further medical assistance is possible if a health insurance certificate or payment is available.

Other types of medical services are paid and a foreign student needs to purchase an insurance covering routine treatment – specialist consultations, medical tests and examinations, prescriptions, etc.

Voluntary health insurance

Normally, foreign students come to Russia for a quite long period of stay (from a term to 4-5 years), so a usual travel medical insurance, the one they can purchase in their country, will not be appropriate. On the one hand, it does not have force in most Russian hospitals. On the other hand, a patient often pays for the treatment first, and gets compensation from an insurance company only upon returning home. It causes a lot of inconvenience to the students studying abroad.

Upon arrival to Russia, you need to purchase a voluntary heatth insurance certificate covering the minimum of medical services prescribed in the Russian law (including outpatient and inpatient care, hospitalization, transportation, medical examination and prevention of infectious diseases). It is accepted at the medical center of NCFU and health clinics and hospitals located near your place of study or residence.

In this case, you will not need to pay when you visit a doctor. Just show your student ID card (or passport) and a policy. The voluntary health insurance certificate is issued with the assistance of the medical center of NCFU, which will assume your medical support.


According to Russian legislation, since 2016 all foreign citizens are subject to apply for a health insurance certificate upon their arrival in the Russian Federation. Since the 1st of May of 2016 the minimum insurance amount for foreign citizens has increased to 100 000 rubles ($1660). It should be considered when applying for a voluntary medical insurance policy.

It is important that even those foreign students who study in Russia under interstate agreements (at the expense of the Russian budget) have to purchase a voluntary health insurance certificate at their own cost.

How much is a voluntary health insurance certificate

The cost of the certificate depends on the region, amount of services (outpatient care, doctor home visit, emergency dentistry, etc.) and the validity period (from 3 months to 1 year). In 2020 voluntary health insurance certificates were about 5-6 thousand rubles ($65-85).

Documents required for a voluntary health insurance certificate

A passport and a migration card are usually to be provided. In some cases, a student may be asked for a referral from the institute. For more information, contact university international departments or insurance companies.