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Physical health of students through physical education and sports for all students! This is the motto of physical education and sports work in NCFU!

The NCFU Sports club organizes and provides for sports work and participation of the University representative teams in competitions at different levels (city, local, regional, Russian, international) and engagement of sportsmen in individual sports.

About 30 sporting events are organized and held at the university annually with the participation of more than 5000 students. The "Freshman Cup" and "Rector’s Cup", the tournament of folk games "Bogatyr Might" and the "Spartakiad of Hostels", open championships in various sports have become traditional and most popular among students.


Not only did University organize the work of sports sections for students, but also created all the necessary conditions for achieving significant sports results by sportsmen and combined teams representing the University at national level competitions.

Currently, there are 10 sports sections operating in the North-Caucasus Federal University, in which more than 200 student athletes are involved (basketball (boys and girls), volleyball (boys and girls) futsal (boys), football (boys), sports wrestling (boys), cheerleading (girls), swimming (boys and girls), and the martial arts section (boys and girls).


International students are active participants of all events and members of combined teams of football, basketball, sports wrestling and martial arts.

NCFU possesses a stadium, three universal sports halls, a gym, a martial arts hall, four workout facilities, three universal sports grounds and a swimming pool.

Even if you do not become an Olympic champion or a World champion in sports, you will have a healthy body and strong spirit!

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