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Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology


Contact details

Address: Building 23; 2, Kulakova Ave., Stavropol, Russia, 355029
Tel: 8 (8652) 33-08-50
E-mail:   fpib@ncfu.ru

Academic Department: Room 304
Tel: 8 (8652) 33-08-50


Even though the Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology was established in August 2021, its history goes far back to 1968, when it was a branch of the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute focusing on training experts to be further employed in meat processing and dairy industry, after which the branch was transformed into the Faculty of Food Production Technology (Stavropol Polytechnic Institute), and then – the Faculty of Food Biotechnology.

Nowadays the Faculty is offering training to 500 students of all types of education.


Laboratories and research divisions


  • 19.03.01 – Biotechnology (Food and Bioactive Agents Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology (bilingual program, delivered partly in English), Food Biotechnology and Food safety
  • 19.03.02 – Vegetable-based Foods (Restaurant Business Technology)
  • 19.03.03 – Animal-based Foods (Technology of Meat and Meat Products, Milk and Dairy Technology (skill-development program run subject to the CDIO standards), Food Engineering and Healthy Foods Technology
  • 27.03.01 – Standardization and Metrology (Standardization and Certification in Food Industry), Metrology, Standardization and Certification in Industry (by industrial fields)
  • 19.03.04 – Technology of Products and Public Catering Management (Technology and Management in Restaurant and Bakery Business)

  • 15.04.02 – Technological Machines and Equipment (Food Production Process and Machines)
  • 19.04.01 – Biotechnology (Industrial Biotechnology, Food and Bioactive Agents Biotechnology)
  • 19.04.03 – Animal-based Foods (Milk and Dairy Technology, Technology of Meat and Meat Products, Meat and Dairy Production, Storage and Quality Management, Food safety and Engineering)
  • 27.04.01 – Standardization and Metrology (Standardization, Metrology and Certification in Food Industry)

  • 19.06.01 – Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology (Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Refrigerating Plants, Food and Bioactive Agents Biotechnology, Food Production Processes and Machines)

  • 05.18.04 – Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Refrigerating Plants

The Faculty runs two research schools, namely:

  1. Life Science
  2. Factor-based Variability of Morphofunctional Status and Biotechnological Aspects of Living System Management in Ontogenesis
Natalia Oboturova

Natalia Oboturova

Dean, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Oksana Kuznetsova

Oksana Kuznetsova

Deputy Dean for Academic & Educational Activities

Aleksey Lodygin

Aleksey Lodygin

Acting Deputy Dean for Scientific Activities