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Student associations in NCFU


In addition to creative activities, sports, volunteering and student self-government, every international student can try his or her hand at youth student associations during their studies at NCFU.

More than 40 student associations of various orientations exist and operate at the university and its branches:

A number of associations focus their activities specifically on international students enrolled at NCFU, helping them to adapt to life in Russia and integrate into the university’s student family, offering assistance in studies and everyday life, protecting their rights and actively attracting international students to extracurricular life at NCFU.

The Centre for Support of Student Associations and Volunteering carries out annual events aimed, firstly, at supporting and developing youth student associations at NCFU, and, secondly, at active participation of their members in regional and national events.

The Centre seeks to create wider opportunities for personal and professional self-realization of students, including international students.

The University strives to create all conditions for successful study and active extracurricular activities for international students, and Russian students create such an atmosphere at the University that international students feel quite at home in NCFU!

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