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Tomaž Deželan

Tomaž Deželan

Tomaž Deželan - Professor of Political Science, Director of Social Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Ljubljana. He is a research partner of the Slovenian Erasmus + Youth in Action National Agency (member of the RAY group), and policy advisor for youth political participation of the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), European Youth Forum (EYF) and the International IDEA. His research interests include citizenship concepts, debates and regimes, new modes of governance, parliamentary cohesion, electoral studies, youth, gender and civil society. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 peer reviewed articles in international journals (more than 10 indexed in the Web of Science database), more than 20 chapters in scientific edited volumes (more than 10 published by the most distinguished scientific publishers) and more than 10 scientific monographs. He has experience with international research projects and networks, either as coordinator (4 projects) responsible or as a researcher. Past projects he worked on have been funded by the Slovenian research agency, European Union’s FP6 framework, European Science Foundation of the European Union and various other national agencies. He actively acts as an higher education accreditation expert, EVS accreditation expert and expert evaluator of the European Commission and Erasmus+ National Agency.

Provides organizational, methodological and pedagogical support for implementation of bilingual master’s degree programme "Economics, Law, Organisation and Management in social work" in the Institute of Education and Social Sciences of NCFU. Conducts training in the field of entrepreneurship and study of context of the business world.