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Steffen Holldobler

Steffen Holldobler

Steffen Holldobler – professor of the TU Dresden, one of the leading scientists and specialists of Germany and the European Unoin in computational logic and modelling of human reasoning, Director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Head of the International Center for Computational Logic, Head of the International Master’s programme in computational logic. 

A number of major international projects are implemented under Steffen Holldobler’s supervision: parallel solution of satisfability problem, and more.

As part of the professor’s work at NCFU, an international academic research project in the field of IT and AI is implemented at the facilities of the Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications. Steffen Holldobler provides organizational, methodological and pedagogical support for implementation of double diploma programme of NCFU and TU Dresden “Knowledge Management” of specialty  “Applied Computer Science”. He also conducts lectures and seminars in computational logic for master’s degree students of the double diploma programme and students of NCFU.