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Natasa Poklar Ulrih

Natasa Poklar Ulrih

Natasa Poklar Ulrih – PhD, professor, deputy dean for research activities, University of Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia).

Graduated from the faculty of natural sciences and technology of the University of Ljubljana, was awarded the degree of “Master in Chemistry” (1992). Defended doctoral thesis in 1994 on topic “Physicochemical studies of chymotrypsinogen denaturation when heated with solvents”, and was awarded academic degree of PhD. Was titled as professor in 2010. 

She was repeatedly awarded for her high achievements in science by the administration of the University of Ljubljana, which included the medal “For outstanding achievements”. Has over 170 scientific articles cited in the Web of Science Core Collection, some being published in scientific journals: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, Food Chemistry, Biochemistry, Antioxidants, Langmuir, Cancer letters, Scientific Reports, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Critical Review in Food Science and Nutrition. For the past five years, 35 articles have been published in journals from the first quartile (Q1), 27 articles in journals from the second quartile (Q2).

Research interests: interaction of polyphenols with biological macromolecules, identification of small molecules (polyphenols and other natural compounds), development of new technologies (based on nanotechnology) for encapsulation of small molecules and plant extracts.                                                           

Visiting professor of the Department of Food Technology and Engineering, the Institute of Life Science.