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Kurchenko Vladimir Petrovich

Kurchenko Vladimir Petrovich

Vladimir Petrovich Kurchenko – Professor of Belarusian State University, Head of Research Laboratory for Applied Problems of Biochemistry. Has worked at the Institute of Bio-Organical Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the Republic of Belarus for a long period. Since 1983 has been working as research fellow at the Department of Biochemistry. Four PhD theses have been defended under his supervision. The main areas of his research activities are related to excretion and refinery of biologically active substances of natural origin and study of their physical and chemical properties.

Under the guidance of Kurchenko V.P. modern methods for determining the authenticity of biological objects are being developed; studies on innovative projects are conducted, as well as studies on specialized fundamental programmes and scientific and technical programmes: "Bioproductivity", "Organical Synthesis-2", "Genetic Engineering", "Bioanalysis and diagnostics", "Reconstruction of the objects of the Central Botanical Garden", "Phytopreparations", "Medications", and other national programmes.

At NCFU, the professor works on development of research cooperation in the field of biotechnology, and conducts joint research in cooperation with the Institute of Life Sciences and Center for Collective Use of NCFU on "Development and approbation of methods of quality control and safety of functional food products using unique scientific equipment of the CCU".