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Bukhara Engineering-Technological Institute Technology and Organization of Restaurant Industry

Partner universitybuharskij-inzhenerno-tekhnologicheskij-institut

Bukhara Engineering-Technological Institute

Training area

19.03.04 Product Technology and Organization of Public Nutrition

Program profile

Technology and Organization of Restaurant Industry

Awarded qualification


Duration of study:

4 years (intramural study), 4 years 6 months (extramural study)

Required period of study at the partner university (specify semester(s):

intramural study: 5th-8th;

extramural study: 5th-9th;

Amount of credits:


Language of teaching:


Required level of proficiency in English


Program goal:

Integration of Russian and Asian educational experience for preparation of highly qualified personnel in the field of technology and organization of restaurant industry, which are capable of carrying out professional activities in the area of production technology, organization of production and service of public nutrition enterprises.

Program coordinator(s) from NCFU (indicate contact details):

Semenova Elena Anatolevna – Dean of the Caucasian Hospitality School

Email: dekannn@mail.ru

Program coordinator(s) from partner university (indicate contact details):

Khodzhiev Shukhrat Makhmudovich

Email: sh.hodjiev67@mail.ru

Entry requirements:

Applicant is obliged to:

  1. Have a government-issued document on secondary (complete) general education or secondary professional education.
  2. Pass the entrance tests successfully. Enrollment is carried out on the basis of a competitive selection in accordance with the Rules for admission to NCFU.
Entrance tests (specify subjects and minimal grades):
Curriculum highlights:

Regulatory basis for food safety;

Technology of public nutrition products;

Organization of production and service in public nutrition enterprises;

Organization of nutrition services in hospitality industry;

Scientific foundations of food production;

Restaurant management;

Foreign cuisine technology;

Technology and organization of dietary food;

Product quality control;

Industrial technologies and innovations in public nutrition;

Healthy food concept;

Program highlights:

Cooperation with one of the leading institutes of Uzbekistan in the field of product technology and organization of public nutrition allows students to obtain necessary competencies and skills to carry out professional activities in the area of managing production and service processes at public nutrition enterprises.

Also, the program is built on a practice-oriented approach to learning, taking into account modern theoretical and practical trends in the food industry.

Academic facilities (labs, educational centers etc.) (indicate links to the site of NCFU)

Training is carried out using material and technical base of the department. There are 7 laboratories at the department: 2 food technology laboratories; food quality control laboratory; food safety control laboratory; educational bar-restaurant of the tourist complex; laboratory of microbiology, sanitation, food hygiene; laboratory of general, inorganic, analytical chemistry and physical and chemical methods of analysis.

The educational process is run using modern technological and research equipment, instruments, inventory.


Career opportunities:

Obtained level of education allows students to work in following positions: technologist in food industry enterprises of various types and forms of ownership; brand chef; chef; sous-chef; teacher in professional educational institutions of secondary professional education.