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The Beauty of The Strong – NCFU Volleyball Team Wins Silver

10.03.23 9:16

Category: Main

NCFU female volleyball team won the silver in a contest held right before the entire country celebrated the International Women’s Day.

The Cups & Flowers contest was held among student teams of Stavropol’s universities, where the teams of the city’s four largest academic institutions came to lock horns.

And once again the Ladies of the Southern Elephant-NCFU team never missed a chance to prove they are not just the epitome of beauty yet are extremely strong.


– The day was so exciting indeed. The event itself was fun, with lots of music and friendly atmosphere. And, of course, a nice conclusion to that day was the celebration and the words of great wished for the day, – the NCFU team noted.

Perfectly done, Ladies! You have made us proud once again!

Photo: Arina Semenova