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Russian Language for Arab World – NCFU Launches Linguistic Project in Jordan

19.06.23 10:21

Category: Main

As NCFU is expanding the promotion of Russian in Middle East, Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU) launched a Literature Café in Amman (Jordan), at the Russian Center for Science and Culture.

As soon as after two hours all the visitors attending the first class could say some simple phrases in Russian – a result carefully planned and designed by the NCFU language experts.

– The Literature café project enjoys success in Arab countries. This sort of intensive language training allows starting to speak Russia, as well as plunging into the Russian culture, which is done extremely unobtrusively, just like a game. Notable is that such projects are running already in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, and now it is time for Jordan to join us, Dmitry Bespalov was quoted as saying.

russkij-yazyk-dlya-arabskogo-mira-skfu-zapustil-lingvisticheskij-proekt-v-iordanii-ncfu-ru-01 (1).jpg

The first students of the project now know how to meet people in Russian, ask about their relationships, and even enjoyed watching 38 parrots – a popular Russian cartoon.

NCFU can boast of extensive experience in train teachers of Russian as a foreign language, and then further offering them refresher courses – another area for cooperation.

Apart from launching academic projects, Prof. Bespalov had a meeting with Gleb Desyatnikov (Russia’s Ambassador in Jordan) to discuss further steps aimed at promoting Russian in Jordan and other areas for cooperation.

russkij-yazyk-dlya-arabskogo-mira-skfu-zapustil-lingvisticheskij-proekt-v-iordanii-ncfu-ru-01 (2).jpg

In terms of academic cooperation, Jordanian experts have expressed interest in studying the NCFU-developed technologies for food processing, drying and sublimation, as well as new developments in the area of monitoring steel pipe corrosion, and even Medicine.

As Prof. Bespalov noted, these efforts will finally lead to establishing academic groups capable of generating their own ideas and setting newer goals.