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Professional VS Neuronet: NCFU Experts Tells How to Cooperate with AI

13.03.23 9:39

Category: Main

While users are happy to master some neuronet-based apps, accountants and analysts are nervous about losing their jobs. Now, the question comes: will computers be ever able to totally replace some people?

NCFU experts suggest you avoid stress by mastering the new world – just use advanced technologies to employ them as help and not to compete with them.


– Neuronets and AI are just a tool, like any text editor and other good apps. We are not scared off by a musician connecting his or her guitar to an amplifier to make the guitar sound a different way, right? – Dmitry Solomonov (Associate Professor, Department for Automated System Data Safety) noted.

Mr. Solomonov’s research interest has a focus on intelligence systems development, while he is also teaching currently related subjects – Robotic Systems, Internet-app development, etc.

As Dmitry says, all these technologies serve one purpose – help the human being avoid some routine operations.


– Keeping track of patients with a database, for instance, is done now by automated systems. AI just extends the operation – adds another complex operation – diagnostics – to the entire procedure, – Dmitry Solomonov was quoted as saying.

Any automation is aimed at reducing the number of man-hours, and this never means any threat, because the more operations are done by machines, the more value will be placed in human labor.

As Oxford University experts claim, a number of jobs are under the threat of going extinct – from phoneline operators to market analysts and text editors. This is because robots are more technical and are not much prone to mistakes. This means that already now it is important to adjust to the new reality. Even IT experts are under the threat, Dmitry said, and ChatGPT is one of the perfect latest examples. And yet, there are some issues – you can’t just take what a neuronet has created and use it immediately, because it will take lots of fine and subtle adjustment, which only a human being can perform. All you have to do is to adjust the AI-performed operation to your needs.


Together with our expert, we have developed a list of jobs that are not to be replaced, so here below are those who should not be scared with the AI advance:

• HR specialists;

• Sales Managers;

• Marketers;

• PR managers;

• Managers;

• Event managers;

• Writers, copywriters;

• Programmers;

• Editors;

• Graphic designers.

These jobs belong to different areas yet they share certain requirements – multi-task capacity and creativity, as well as emotional intelligence, which can be never replaced with AI.

As for those who are still nervous about potential rise of machines, just remember – AI is not perfect, while human remains human, this is the strongest point.

Photo: Ilya Khachaturyan