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North Caucasus Among Leaders in Inclusive Education

05.02.21 11:34

Category: Main University News

NCFU presented the latest achievements as Rectors of South Russia and the North Caucasus gathered to discuss best practices. When speaking at the meeting, Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU) told about the measured that NCFU takes to make education available for people with disabilities.

Within the period of 2016-2019, the number of disabled children in the region grew 5% up, most of the patients aged 8-14. In the nearest 3-5 years, these kids will have to make their career choice, which means academic institutions will have to be ready to offer inclusive training. To follow the trend, NCFU has established and been running successfully a special resource & training center, which has joined together 31 universities of the North Caucasus.


The center’s activities are based on the best national and international experience, proof to its efficiency being the fact that by 2020, the number of trainees had reached 3227 persons, which is about the double of the number for 2018.

However, the activities in question are not limited with training yet also imply assistance in career building and getting employed – 276 people finding their jobs in 2020.

– As the basic areas for our cooperation, we suggest taking large research, sports, some creativity and other cultural events that bring young people with disabilities from different regions, at the same time contributing to academic mobility and exchange, – Mr. Bespalov stressed. – University partnerships – this is what can create a wide field for experience exchange, success scaling, and developing disability education network, which, in the long run, would enjoy demand not in our region alone yet far beyond.