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NCFU sportsmen win at regional and natinal sports events

17.11.23 12:25

Category: Main

NCFU sportsmen celebrate once again after the Russian Taekwondo MTF Championship – an event held in St. Petersburg (Russia) that brought around over 1600 participants from 45 regions of Russia.

Nikolay Serdyukov (student, NCFU) was one of those to be awarded a prize. The contest was the main start of the season, which always means lots of training and worries, yet these factors were not allowed to interfere.

sportsmeny-skfu-pobediteli-regionalnyh-i-vserossijskih-turnirov-ncfu-ru-01 (3).jpg

Another event was the North-Caucasus and South Federal swimming contest held in Astrakhan (Russia), where over 400 came to compete, including athletes representing NCFU. Based on the results, teams will be shaped to join the Russian National Contest (25 m, pool swimming).

And yet the list of victories does not stop here.

sportsmeny-skfu-pobediteli-regionalnyh-i-vserossijskih-turnirov-ncfu-ru-01 (4).jpg

The teachers and the managers of the SOUTHERN ELEPHANT (the NCFU sports community) attended the Russian National Forum for Student Sports Clubs (Moscow, Russia) bringing home a prize as the best sports club of the North Caucasus.

Congrats, NCFU people! You make us proud!