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NCFU’ Russian Language Ambassadors Conquer the World

11.01.23 9:50

Category: Main

NCFU students came to lock horns while trying to win the Russian Language Ambassadors status, with three of them emerging as winners.

Russian Language Ambassadors is an international volunteer program that has been released by 7 years now, the purpose of that being to offer young talents a chance to undergo training all over Russia as well as abroad, thus passing their love for the Russian language, culture and history to other people.


The program welcomes students, postgraduates and young specialists aged 18 to 30, and it takes successful completion of several states before the title is granted.

This year’s potential ambassadors are Maksim Eremkin, Inna Ischenko and Ekaterina Rezantseva (students, NCFU).

The first NCFU person to become an ambassador was Ana Avakyan, who is still in action and has already conquered countries like Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Croatia and Bahrein.

Great job, Ana! We are proud of you!