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NCFU Researchers Develop Unique Material

27.06.22 10:59


The unique development by the NCFU researchers, which has already been patented, can be used to design solar panels and elements employed in electrical engineering. The new material, which has no match in the world, was developed through modifying titanium dioxide with gold and silver nanoparticles.

– We have covered a long way to arrive at this achievement. First, we developed silver and gold nanoparticles, ways to synthesize them, after which titanium dioxide was developed, and the last two years we spent combining all this into something special, so what we have got is a good outcome, - Andrey Blinov (Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Technology of Nanostructures and Materials, NCFU) was quoted as saying.

The good part about the newly developed cell is that it is cheap to produce, whereas the production itself involves no complicated technology.
Now, the group of the researchers believe that their product will not only be used in national industry yet will also help save environment while maintaining environmental balance.

Source: https://stavropolye.tv