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NCFU Professor is Part of Russian Delegation to Azerbaijan

15.03.23 9:24

Category: Main

Prof. Ivan Evdokimov (Head of dept for Milk and Dairy Technology, NCFU) visited Azerbaijan as part of the Russian delegation. The whole event was arranged by the Center for Dairy Industry (Moscow, Russia), and the entire delegation included top managers, owners and entrepreneurs involved in dairy production.

The delegation visited various enterprises to see both the technical equipment used and the technologies employed, after which a seminar was held to discuss the most relevant cooperation issues between the two countries.


– It was especially nice to see that the round-table discussion members placed a lot of emphasis on training for the staff to be further employed in the national food industry, and our University is going to be involved, of course, – Prof. Evdokimov was quoted as saying.

An interesting fact: the host party’s head was Islam Huseynov – a graduate from NCFU (Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology), who is also President of the Dairy Enterprises Association of Azerbaijan and Head of Pak Qida, LLC.