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NCFU Launches First Student Show in Region

27.06.23 9:52

Category: Main

NCFU has launched the Na Dvizhe (On the Move) student show initiated by Alina Samoilenko – a student majoring in Journalism and PR. As Alina noted, the project is aimed at youth above all, and has been designed to draw people’s attention to talented students – starting from NCFU at first yet embracing all institutions in the future.

– We, together with the team, are trying to promote the interests revealed by youngsters and the ways to arrive at the goals. This will make the show not relevant alone yet also interesting for all those seeking to be updated in terms of what is going on in student life. We are open to anyone who has something to share, reveal a talent and talk more about their personal projects, – Alina was quoted as saying.


The pilot issue of the show introduced the viewers to Yannik Ngoan – a student who came from Gabon, and who is President of the Foreign Students’ Association, still studying in NCFU and now about to be awarded his fifth degree.

Isn’t this a perfect example of how people fall in love with NCFU and Stavropol once they come here?

Welcome, folks, and watch our show in the official account.