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NCFU Joins Tangerine Race

09.01.23 9:44

Category: Main

Nevinnomyssk Technological Institute (NCFU’s branch, City of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropl region) joined the tangerine race, which has already become a tradition, first launched by the local Town Hall.

Over 400 participants ran along the Kuban River (Nevinnomyssk) on the first day of 2023, while the entire distance to cover was not really long, just to make it comfortable and welcome everyone.


Following the race, every participant got a tangerine and could enjoy a cup of hot tea with cookies right there in the street.

– All the sportsmen tried hard indeed and left this place in perfect moods and high spirits. Our NCFU people love healthy lifestyle, – Alexander Koldaev (Nevinnomyssk Technological Institute) noted.