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NCFU Hosts Africa’s Day

10.06.22 9:23

Category: Main News

The NCFU hosted a grand show to celebrate Africa’s day, which brought around not students from the NCFU yet also from other universities of Stavropol – the Medical Academy and the Agrarian Academy.

The NCFU is currently home to over 200 students from 27 countries of Africa and each year a celebration is held to mark the liberation of Africa from colonial burden – African kids come on stage to cite poems, sing, and, most importantly, to share their stories and culture. Besides, a beauty pageant was held this year.


When opening the ceremony, Nikita Avralev (Pro-Rector for Strategic Development, NCFU) noted that the event is not just to share yet to be proud, and each of the kids coming up that day was someone that the NCFU, just the like entire Africa, could be proud of.

After a long chain of equally great performances, the winners were awarded their well-deserved prizes and gifts.