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NCFU Experts Join International Show in Athens

13.03.23 9:17

Category: Main

NCFU students and experts of the Design School (Faculty for Innovation Engineering and Hospitality Technologies) joined a show held in Athens (Greece) to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of UNESCO Greece, Piraeus & the Islands.

The show included an exhibition of works by artists coming from 108 countries who are members of the International Action Art union, which arranged various arts-related activities, including master-classes and seminars, thus promoting the couture progress.


The purpose of the visit was to establish and maintain a dialogue through art, as well as to exchange ideas and traditions, for which purpose the NCFU delegation presented their works, too, which never left anyone indifferent – the views of the Caucasus mountains and the area of the Mineral Waters are fascinating, indeed, be that a photo or a painting.

– Our works were exhibited in the central part of the gallery, so our art and the culture of Russia were perfectly visible seen, as always, – Irina Bondar (Member of Russian Arts Academy, Head of Design School division) was quoted as saying.