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NCFU Expert Talks About Employment For Foreign Students

14.03.23 9:42

Category: Main

NCFU hosted an event for foreign students majoring in various areas offered by the Institute of Earth Sciences, while the event was held by Ali Kusaem – an NCFU graduate who is now employed by Gazprom Neft Badra company.

The Institute of Earth Sciences is a large center offering training in areas like Geography, Environmental Studies, Oil & Gas, and many more, with certain degree programs delivered in English.

Now, the event in question was held in English, and the students who came learnt a lot about their potential employment when they earn their respective degrees.


– It is very important that our students, including foreign ones, acquire competencies they can use in practice, and we are happy our graduate found the time to come and have this meeting sharing his experience of working for a foreign company, – Alexander Verisokin (Acting Assistant Director for Research Activities, Institute of Earth Sciences) shared.