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NCFU Expands Cooperation with Syria – Geology and Oil Engineering Coming Soon

03.03.23 10:42

Category: Main

NCFU held a meeting with Al-Baath University of Syria, this online event serving a symbol of the cooperation expansion between the two institutions.

During the meeting, the sides shared and discussed the major outcomes of their respective activities.


Alexander Verisokin (Acting Assistant Director, Institute of Life Sciences) for instance, shared the major outcomes achieved by NCFU in terms of both academic life and research. Besides, there were ideas announced suggesting joint research in the area of oil field exploration.

– It was so nice to see Prof. Mahmoud Hadid (Al-Baath University) along with other members of the Syrian team, – Alexander Verisokin was quoted as saying.

The event concluded with more suggestions concerning measures to be taken together within the most relevant fields, namely, Geology, Applied Geophysics, and Oil & Gas Engineering.