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NCFU Expanding Cooperation with Armenia

27.06.23 9:55

Category: Main

Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU) visited Armenia to discuss education and research issues with the country’s major academic institutions.

– We have to note a number of youth projects we have completed successfully with universities of Armenia. Our countries share the same historical civilizational field, while student initiates at the international level serve points of growth for our future partner projects bringing our countries together, – Prof. Bespalov was quoted as saying.


The meetings and the issues discussed at them were diverse – Dmitry Bespalov first held a meeting with Oganes Ogannisayan (Rector, Yerevan State University), inviting the Armenian colleagues to the events hosted by NCFU, one of them coming as soon as in September this year.


Afterwards, Prof. Bespalov had a meeting with Srbuhy Gevorkyan (Rector, Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogic University), who is a long-standing partner and is always more than happy to launch another event – from students exchange to the Russian Language refresher courses for the teaching staff.


Besides, Dmitry Bespalov announced a number of initiatives, which were found extremely promising for the two sides, and then a few agreements were signed, which is proof that the relationships between the two countries have now advanced up to a new level.


One more meeting Prof. Bespalov held was with Sergey Kopytrkin – the Ambassador of Russia in Armenia, who noted the importance of maintaining and expanding contacts with academic institutions and promised any support the Embassy can offer.