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NCFU Brings Together Student from Russia and Abroad

14.06.22 9:27

Category: Main News

The NCFU hosted the International Festival of Russian Poetry, which brought around over 300 participants.

The major purpose of the event was to promote the Russian language and Literature all over the world as well as to create favorable environment offering both Russian and foreign people ways to open up their talents. The event attracted NCFU students from more than a few countries, including Russia, Gabon, Kenya, India, Syria, Zambia, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.


The contest included 5 nominations – Best Performance, Most Charming Performer, Expression of Performance, Youngest Performer and Most Artistic Performance, and this where the Jury must have had a tough time selecting the winners from what could be called a shower of bright performances – from citing Russian poetry in different languages to delivering their own masterpieces.

However, the winners were finally awarded their prizes, while each participant got a respective certificate. Great job, folks!