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NCFU and Palestinian Colleagues Discuss Joint Projects

26.06.23 9:50

Category: Main

NCFU welcomed a delegation of Al-Istiqlal University (Palestine) to discuss future projects and cooperation areas. The visitors, representing the Poet Sergei Yesenin Center for Russian Language and Culture and the Dept for Computer Technology, were specifically interested in launching joint Master’s degree programs in BigData and cybersecurity delivered in English, as well as in holding joint conferences.


Besides, the delegation was impressed to see the labs and training centers that NCFU can boast of – the Virtual Education Center, the Robotics Systems educational & research laboratory, the center for Mathematical Models and Methods of number-theoretic systems, as well as the Cisco network Academy and the student information technology design bureau.

Al-Istiqlal University is the first and unique academic institution involved in training students to be further dealing with issues of national security – officers and law enforcement experts for many respective organizations – with a student body of 1500 persons majoring in 25 areas, while the training is delivered in Arabic and in English.