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Future to be printed – NCFU launches additive technology center

16.11.23 12:23

Category: Main

NCFU has opened an Additive Technology & 3D-Prototyping Center where both students and experts can create various samples of real things to evaluate their properties.

– As of today, additive technologies are rated among the most effective and innovative areas embracing most diverse production spheres – from food technology to construction and aviation, from medicine to military production. We have more than a few partners interested in what we have done. Besides, we will employ the Center to train a new generation of engineers able to develop and implement the said technologies in their professional activity, – Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU).

budushchee-kotoroe-mozhno-napechatat-na-printere-v-skfu-otkryt-centr-additivnyh-tekhnologij-ncfu-ru-01 (4).jpg

The Center is already cooperating with numerous regional technological leaders.

The unique feature about the Center is that the works here are carried out with different materials, such as concrete, metal and even plastic.

Besides, a group of NCFU graduates designed an architectural bureau model to implement additive technologies in construction.

budushchee-kotoroe-mozhno-napechatat-na-printere-v-skfu-otkryt-centr-additivnyh-tekhnologij-ncfu-ru-01 (2).jpg

One of the most captivating and interesting areas involving additive technologies is food – now the technologies in question allow so-called printing of certain food components and even a meatball.