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ESAUD-2023: NCFU Expert Delivers Lecture in Central Asia

21.06.23 9:48

Category: Main

Irina Podsvirova (Associate Professor, Dept for Design, High School of Creative Technology) joined the ESAUD-2023 First Eurasian Symposium held in Kyrgyzstan to discuss relevant issues in the area of architecture.

The main aim of the event is to create an integrated platform to exchange knowledge in architecture, design and urban development in view of the contemporary demands, such as sustainable development, climate change, digital transformation and economic efficiency.

Prof. Podsvirova delivered a lecture at the Kyrgyz State Technical University where she talked about using trees in modern cities and presented an exclusive approach to creating sustainable urban tree plantings, which stirred lots of interest among both teachers and students majoring in the respective areas.


Following the results, Irina Podsvirova was awarded a Gold Medal of ESAUD – 2023 and a Letter of Gratitude for helping arrange the event.

The entire event brought around numerous companies and universities representing 18 countries, including Italy, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Russia.