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DIGITAL brealthrough in north caucasus: NCFU hosts regional ai hackaton

13.11.23 12:21

Category: Main

The most talented AI young developers came to NCFU from all over the North Caucasus to join the 8th regional Digital Breakthrough Hackaton (Nov 10-12). All in all 127 developers locked horns to win the cash prize.

The Digital Breakthrough project itself is part of the AI Federal project, all this aimed at identifying and supporting young talents to further involve them in various AI-based products and services.

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The teams (3-5 persons each) had 42 hours to solve 5 cases based on AI, with each case having RUR 600K on it for the winner (the entire prize fund equal to RUR 44 mln).

Besides, the participants will be allowed to enjoy numerous options offered through the Digital Breakthrough federal program, including training in Russia’s best universities and research activities with the best experts.