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Cyber-Security School to Be Launched at NCFU

13.01.23 12:30

Category: Main

The Institute for Digital Progress (NCFU) is to launch the Cyber-Security School to offer training to authorities, business people and academia.

– North-Caucasus Federal University can not only offer fundamental training and help IT experts enhance their competencies, yet also improve the information security among the residents of our region, – Dmitry Bespalov (Rector, NCFU) was quoted as saying.


As Vyacheslav Petrenko (Acting Head of Institute for Digital Progress, NCFU) noted, the school attendees will be taught how to identify issues, troubleshoot and employ due ways to protect data.

The practical activities for all those choosing to attend the school, are to be carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories designed to investigate computer crimes and incidents. The experts employed here are those able to detect digital traces, identify fake documents, videos, sounds, penetrate encrypted messages and read information from digital media.