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Care and Courage Means NCFU Students

07.07.23 10:52

Category: Main

Angelina Stryukova, an NCFU student, saved a child drowning at the Komsomolskoe Lake in Stavropol. However, this was not the only brave act she has done in her life.

Following school graduation, Angelina joined NCFU to major in Safety in Emergency Situations (Institute of Engineering), prior to which she had attended the Berkut club developing her skills in military and patriotic training.

As the girl said, this is something she has always liked since a child, which explains her choice of her higher education degree.


Now she is employed as a guard at the Lake after she was offered the summer job by her friends studying in the same group, and looks like the idea has already proven to be more than valuable – one young life saved.

– There was no fear because we have been trained to face such situations. That moment I felt nothing and was thinking only about having to save the man, – Angelina shared.

She remains shy, yet we can see that a heroic act is always heroic. And once she, a freshgirl-student, never hesitated to risk her own life to save someone, we all know that there are no words enough to express the value of it.

Thank you, Angelina, for being who you are!