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Date of material placement: 21-11-2016, 10:09 Category: University
Three Wins at Basketball Contest
Essentuky is hosting the student division contest of the Association of Student Basketball where the best teams of the region have come to lock horns.

Date of material placement: 17-11-2016, 16:18 Category: University
President of Russian Association of Foreign Students Visits NCFU
Adu Yao Nikez, President of Russian Association of Foreign Students visited Russia withinthe Russian National Forum RUSSIA OF STUDENTS, and held meetings with the top management of NCFU as well as with students.

Date of material placement: 15-11-2016, 10:47 Category: University
Another Professor of NCFU Invited to Academic Expert Council
Prof. Alexander Aksenov (Head of Dept for Chemistry, NCFU) has joined the Expert Council of Russian National Certification Committee at Ministry of Education & Science.

Date of material placement: 11-11-2016, 10:56 Category: University
Experts Giving High Opinion of NCFU
North-Caucasus has gone through another public&professional accreditation for several academic degree programs.

Date of material placement: 7-11-2016, 10:39 Category: University
Technical Tour to Georgia
Experts of the Center for Biotechnological Engineering (CBE; NCFU) joined the technical tour to study the specific features of the dairy market of Georgia in order to find potential partners

Date of material placement: 7-11-2016, 10:34 Category: University
NCFU at V International Forum OPEN INNOVATIONS
The Forum brought together over 13 thousand people from 100 countries, with 300 investors and venture foundations and about 1,200 members of the innovation infrastructure.

Date of material placement: 3-11-2016, 11:25 Category: University
Russian and Azerbaijan Expanding Academic Cooperation
Baku (Azerbaijan) hosted the VII Azerbaijan-Russian forum, where NCFU signed a number of agreements with the Technical University of Azerbaijan.