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Date of material placement: 27-03-2013, 17:43 Category: University, main news
Meeting with A.S. Dzasokhov
The distinguished guest, Aleksandr Dzasokhov visited North-Caucasus Federal University on March 27. Nowadays he is the member of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), which is established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, and the member of its Board of Trustees.

Date of material placement: 21-03-2013, 11:49 Category: University
Our task is to raise the standard
Certificate awarding to the national team members of I International Olympics among the children with disabilities and disabled people "Intellectual marathon-2013” was held in Institute of Pedagogics at NCFU. The final of the Olympics will take place in Warsaw in June under support of the Ministry for Education of Poland. Russia which is one of ten participating countries, will be represented by three national teams from Moscow, Yakutia  and Stavropol. Each team consists of 5 people.

Date of material placement: 20-03-2013, 17:29 Category: University
Thank you for Europe!
The meeting between First Pro-Rector Dmitri Sumskoy and NCFU students, who undertook the internship in Europe on "Erasmus Mundus” academic mobility programme, was held in the scientific library of NCFU. Director of Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering Andrei Bratsikhin, Chief of Department for International Cooperation Lyudmila Aliyeva, Head of Department for Information and Public Relations Liliya Grigorova and Leading Specialist of Department for International Projects and Programmes Alla

Date of material placement: 14-03-2013, 18:15 Category: University, main news
Bring up Solidary Society
North-Caucasus Federal University and executive authorities of Stavropol region have signed an Agreement on joint activities to harmonize interethnic and ethnic and confessional relations, to form general civil Russian identity and prevent ethnic and religious extremism among young people. The document has a tripartite character and unites work of the university, Stavropolregion Committee on Nationalities and the Cossacks, Stavropol region Committee on the Youth.

Date of material placement: 5-03-2013, 18:29 Category: University
«Spring palette»
["Spring palette”, the first award ceremony of NCFU women-employees took place at NCFU before the International Women's Day. Since the very morning there was a magic atmosphere at the university: women in long dresses and crowns of wild flowers were strolling along the lobby, young artists were painting beautiful irises. Balloons and flower arrangement created holiday and spring.

Date of material placement: 4-03-2013, 17:47 Category: University
«Development of oil and gas industry in Russia»
The round table "Development of oil and gas industry in Russia” was held in Institute of Oil and Gas of North-Caucasus Federal University. Teachers, postgraduates and candidates for a master's degree of the institute took part in the meeting.

Date of material placement: 1-03-2013, 14:37 Category: University
NCFU provides opportunities
On March 1 First Pro-Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University, D.A. Sumskoy met with directors of educational institutions of Stavropol. Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs and Development, A.N. Karkishchenko, Deputy Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs, V.S. Belozerov, Head of Department for Career Guidance and Academic Olympics, T.V. Poshtareva, Directors of institutes, N.A. Paliyeva, A.A. Likhovid, A.F. Chipiga, Yu.G. Kononov, L.I. Ushvitskiy also participated in the meeting on behalf of NCFU.