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Date of material placement: 8-12-2018, 11:26 Category: University
NCFU Projects Get Financial Support from Jean Monnet Program
NCFU people joined a working meeting to launch official the Jean Monnet – 2018 projects. The contest revealed that the EC selected NCFU’s projects in two areas (three years of funding) within the Jean Monnet program.

Date of material placement: 15-11-2018, 12:51 Category: University
Inclusion in Academic Space is the Focus
NCFU is hosting the International Congress Inclusive Processes in Global Educational Space, which is aimed at consolidating the resources available in higher education to implement inclusion practices both abroad and in Russia.

Date of material placement: 30-10-2018, 14:32 Category: University
Experts from 9 Countries Discuss Academic Mobility
The North-Caucasus federal University is currently hosting the 2nd European Education Week, which also embraces the youth forum Internationalization of Education – Best Practices of International Academic Mobility. The events brought together over 500 coming from 34 universities of Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Moldova, and Greece.

Date of material placement: 24-10-2018, 14:37 Category: University
NCFU Joins the First Russia-China Pedagogic Forum
Alina Levitskaya (Rector, NCFU) and Vyacheslav Khodus (Head, Department for Russian Language), joined the Russia-China Pedagogic Forum, which was held at the Shensi Pedagogical University. The participants discussed the development of education and the cooperation between Russia and China in academic training.

Date of material placement: 22-10-2018, 14:40 Category: University
Institute of Economics & Management Embarks on New Cooperation
The Institute of Economics and Management, NCFU, signed a cooperation agreement with the Belgrade High School of Economics and Entrepreneurship. This agreement was signed as part of the opening ceremony for the International Research Conference EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP held in Serbia.

Date of material placement: 19-10-2018, 14:22 Category: University
NCFU Enters Agreement with Tishreen University of Syria
North-Caucasus Federal University has signed a cooperation agreement with Tishreen University of Latakia (Syria). The two institutions are leading academic and research centers in their respective countries, offering high-quality training within a wide range of fields and carrying out numerous basic and applied research projects depending on the relevant needs in their communities.

Date of material placement: 20-04-2018, 14:09 Category: Information, University
Cooperation with Ljubljana in Progress
An NCFU Delegation visited the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).