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Date of material placement: 16-03-2020, 10:12 Category: Student life, University
NCFU Introduces E-Learning as Temporary Measure
Subject to Decree by Ministry of Education & Science, North-Caucasus Federal University introduced E-learning (starting March 16, 2020) as a temporary measure to combat the coronavirus spread in the region as well as in Russia

Date of material placement: 10-03-2020, 10:48 Category: University
The team of the NCFU Department for Milk & Dairy Technology (Stavropol Dairy Plant, JSC) conquered the top peak of Africa – Kilimanjaro, also taking up the flag of NCFU.

Date of material placement: 28-02-2020, 14:50 Category: University, main news
NCFU Exterts study social entrepreneurship in North Caucasus
Prof. Violetta Roschupkina (Dept for Tax Policy and Customs) started work on the grant obtained from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Social Entrepreneurship: Funding, Tax, Socio-Cultural Effect).

Date of material placement: 13-02-2020, 18:00 Category: University
Scientists figure ways to compress tomograms maintaining quality
Mathematicians form Stavropol developed a formula to see how much biomedical 3D images can be compressed with no damage to the quality, which is a serous issue faced by medicine nowadays.

Date of material placement: 24-01-2020, 17:25 Category: University, main news
Governor meets NCFU students
Just before celebrating the Russian Students’ Day, Vladimir Vladimirov (Governor, Stavropol Region) delivered an open lecture at NCFU to tell about his own life path and projects to be implemented in the region.

Date of material placement: 13-01-2020, 14:42 Category: University, main news
Anti-Corruption Hot-Line
NCFU website has a special phone line to combat Corruption.

Date of material placement: 27-12-2019, 19:57 Category: University, main news
NCFU rector calls for increasing number of young researchers
  North-Caucasus Federal University held this year’s final meeting of the Academic Council.  

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