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Institute of Education and Social Sciences


Established in 2013 in NCFU by merging the Pedagogical Institute and Socio-Psychological Faculty. Currently, the Institute employs 266 teachers. Of them, Doctors of sciences – 43, Candidates of sciences - 179, with only 44 teachers holding no degree. The average age of the teaching staff is 44. Total number of students – 2,250.

The mission of Institute of Education and Social Sciences is to promote the quality of human capital and the development of the North Caucasus regional community by training highly qualified specialists and building up the region's intellectual potential, offering scientific support for the best interest of the state interests, and strengthening the positions of the Russian culture and education in the Caucasus.

Currently, training is offered in 9 areas for Bachelor's degree, 11 – for Master’s, another 6 – for postgraduate studies, and 11 specialties.


  • 44.03.03 Special (defectological) education
  • 44.03.02 Psychological & Pedagogic education
  • 44.03.02 Psychological & Pedagogic education
  • 37.03.01 Psychology
  • 39.03.02 Social work
  • 39.03.01 Sociology
  • 49.03.01 Physical education
  • 44.03.01 Pedagogic education


  • 37.05.01 Clinical psychology
  • 37.05.02 Psychology in professional activity


  • 44.04.03 Special (defectological) education
  • 37.04.01 Psychology
  • 44.04.01 Psychological education
  • 44.04.02 Psychological & Pedagogic education
  • 39.04.02 Social work
  • 39.04.03 Work with youth
  • 39.04.01 Sociology
  • 49.04.01 Physical education


  • 37.06.01 Psychological science
  • 39.06.01 Sociological science
  • 44.06.01 Education & pedagogic science
  • 49.06.01 Theory & methods for physical education, sports, recreational and adaptive PE.

The Institute is running a bilingual program (Master’s) in ECONOMICS, LAW, ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT IN SOCIAL WORK (39.04.02 Social work).

Besides, joint activity is carried out with the University of Heidelberg (Germany) running a Master’s degree course (39.04.01 Sociology; Management in Non-Commercial Sector) with both the Russian and the English languages being equally used.

A Master’s degree course is being currently run jointly with the University of La Sapienza of Rome (Italy) (program in Pedagogy & Educational Sciences), where double degree diplomas are awarded within 44.04.02 Psychological & pedagogic education. The program is delivered both in Russian and in English.

The following departments are part of the Institute

  • Dept of Psychology
  • Dept of Social Technologies
  • Dept of Sociology
  • Dept of Theory & Methods for Physical Education and Sports
  • Dept of Physical Education
  • Dept of Defectology
  • Dept of Pedagogy & Educational Technologies
  • Dept of Pedagogy & Psychology of Professional Training
  • Dept of Practical & Special Psychology

Two research schools are functioning at the Institute currently

  • Physical education & Sports in Pedagogic Anthropology.

    The specific feature about the school, which is famous with its students, is efficient work I terms of developing areas and methods for theoretical support to professional and continuous training in PE and sports.

  • Innovation development of strategies for continuous education in socio-cultural dynamics. The school’s activity is aimed at studying the current developments in education and pedagogy as well as in economics, management, planning & forecasting in education.

Active research work is carried out in the following areas

  1. Modernization of higher and complementary professional pedagogic education
  2. Personality-oriented models of the educational process
  3. Psychological support to professional activities in the field of personal security, education, social assistance, organization of work in psychological services
  4. Scientific and methodological support for psychological and pedagogical assistance to persons with disabilities in the context of modernizing general and special education
  5. Social structure, social institutions and management of social processes
  6. Socio-political and spiritual development of contemporary Russian society
  7. Technologies for social and pedagogical work with family and children
  8. Psychological and pedagogical technologies for personality development in education
  9. Psychological studies of the personality in the contemporary stressful environment

The research carried out match the priority area of Security and Counteracting Terrorism as defined in the plan for science and technology development in the Russian Federation.

The research & science structure of the Institute includes the following units

  1. Training & research Center for psychological support of personal and professional development
  2. Student Scientific Innovation Center PSYCHOLOGY OF HEALTH
  3. Student Scientific Innovation Center SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL SECURITY

The Institute carries out a lot of work interacting with employers, where an important aspect is to involve them in the implementation of the degree programs. Besides, regular monitoring is carried out to find out regarding the employers satisfaction with the quality of the skills developed in the graduates.

Active cooperation involving joint research projects and academic exchange is full-scale underway with the following academic centers

  • University of La Sapienza of Rome (Italy)
  • University of Heidelberg (Germany)
  • University of Manitoba (Canada)
  • University of Oxford (Great Britain)
  • MitOst Association(Germany)
  • Canadian center for disability studies (Canada)
  • Robert Bosch Foundation (Germany)
  • BMW Foundation (Germany)
  • University of Oregon (USA)
  • Technological University of Silesia (Poland)



Valery Shapovalov

Director, Institute of Education and Social Sciences

Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor

Address: Room 201, (Build. 6), 3a, Lenina Square, Stavropol, Russia

Telephone: (8652)33-08-51, ext. 41-03


Gapich Alexander Erikovich

Assistant Director for Scientific Activities

Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: Room 201, (Build. 6), 3a, Lenina Square, Stavropol, Russia
Telephone: (8652)95-68-00, ext. 

Minkina Olga Valerievna

Assistant Director for Scientific Activities for Bachelor and Specialist Studies

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: Room 205, (Build. 6), 3a, Lenina Square, Stavropol, Russia 
Telephone: (8652)95-68-00, ext. 41-00

Asatryan Svetlana Sergeevna

Assistant Director for Educational Activities

Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: Room 303, (Build. 6), 3a, Lenina Square, Stavropol, Russia
(8652)33-06-62,ext. 44-07


Contact details

3a, Lenina Square, Stavropol, Russia; 355009

Tel: (8652) 33-08-51