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Supervisory Board of NCFU

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The Supervisory Board of Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "North-Caucasus Federal University" (NCFU) is the body of public and state administration which is established in order to encourage development of the university as scientific and educational and cultural center of international level, to raise its investment attractiveness and to diversify sources of financing, to provide public control over the activity of the university.


Supervisory Board of NCFU



Goals and objectives of the Supervisory Board of NCFU are as follows:

  • encouragement of strategy formation and development programmes of NCFU and their realization;
  • encouragement of functioning and complex development of NCFU as educational, scientific and cultural center of international level;
  • encouragement of cooperation between NCFU and state, public organizations and institutions;
  • encouragement of development of international educational, scientific, technical and cultural potential of NCFU;
  • encouragement of attraction of non-budget financial resources, other financial resources to realize development programmes of NCFU, to form special-purpose capital and other funds;
  • provision of public control over the activity of NCFU;
  • analysis of activity of NCFU in terms of efficiency of the carried out policy in the field of education, scientific and innovative activity.


The Supervisory Board includes eleven members.

Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed on the resolution of the founder for a period of 5 years.



The Supervisory Board holds one meeting per quarter at least.

  • Supervisory Board Composition
  • Supervisory Board Regulation
  • Information on meetings of the Supervisory Board and taken decisions