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North-Caucasus Federal University

Student associations in NCFU


In addition to creative activities, sports, volunteering and student self-government, every international student can try his or her hand at youth student associations during their studies at NCFU.

More than 40 student associations of various orientations exist and operate at the university and its branches:

  • creative communities involved in music, dance, art,
  • intellectual clubs,
  • student and volunteer groups,
  • media associations,
  • specialized clubs and communities of interest, including those for foreign students.


A number of associations focus their activities specifically on international students enrolled at NCFU, helping them to adapt to life in Russia and integrate into the university’s student family, offering assistance in studies and everyday life, protecting their rights and actively attracting international students to extracurricular life at NCFU.

The Centre for Support of Student Associations and Volunteering carries out annual events aimed, firstly, at supporting and developing youth student associations at NCFU, and, secondly, at active participation of their members in regional and national events.

The Centre seeks to create wider opportunities for personal and professional self-realization of students, including international students.

The University strives to create all conditions for successful study and active extracurricular activities for international students, and Russian students create such an atmosphere at the University that international students feel quite at home in NCFU!


Volunteer groups exist throughout the whole world. Volunteers of absolutely different ages and skin colors were involved in such large-scale events as the Winter Olympic Games, the World Football Championship, the Universiade, successfully held in Russia over the past few years.

There were 2 major events in the city of Stavropol in the past two years: XXVI All-Russian Festival “Russian Students' Spring - 2018" and the 3-rd International Festival "Student Spring of the BRICS and SCO Countries - 2019". Volunteers, students of NCFU, provided invaluable assistance in organizing and holding these festivals.

Volunteer groups of NCFU are working in the following areas:

  • development and popularization of sports and event-volunteering;
  • organization of cultural public events;
  • zoo volunteering;
  • sports volunteering (popularization of healthy lifestyle);
  • donorship;
  • ecological work;
  • work with children from socially deprived families and orphan asylums;
  • inclusive volunteering;
  • work with schoolchildren;
  • assisting sick children
  • youth media.

NCFU volunteers regularly participate in the organization and carrying out events at the city, territory, district, country level.

Volunteers provide invaluable assistance to people who find themselves in difficult life situations, being a volunteer is not only interesting, but also very honourable.

Volunteers are people who enrich society and improve it in a variety of ways. Volunteers work directly with people, we understand their problems and we are the first to come to help!

Join us! Become a NCFU volunteer!

Group name


Main areas of activity

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NCFU event  volunteering unit

Kartashova Elena

We work with students who want to improve themselves and help people.

The team helps to:

- implement student initiatives through volunteering and projects;

- make progress on events of various scale;

- create projects for personal development of community members.

"Altruist" volunteer group

Head – Annikova Liudmila Vladimirovna

Leader – Zhdanova Elizaveta

5 main areas:

- work with youth;

- work with elderly people and veterans of war;

- social design;

- work with  at-risk children;

- organization of  relief efforts.

"PraObraz"  juridical  volunteer group

Golz Daniil Dmitrievich

The group members conduct legal consultations and  awareness-raising seminars on the laws of the Russian Federation and the region, provide legal assistance to NCFU students

"Blago dariu"("Good giving")  volunteer group

Tohunts Arnold

The main focus of the group is social volunteering.  The participants of the association are engaged in intellectual development of schoolchildren, visiting hospitals with creative master classes.

"Friendly people"  volunteer group

Minav Vladislav

The group is engaged in event and social volunteering. We assist in organization of events of various levels, and help elderly people.

"Good mood"  volunteer group

Zakharova Tatiana Vladimirovna

The group successfully implements projects aimed at supporting orphaned children. It takes part in various charity events, as well as assists in the organization of city and regional events.


NCFU branch in  Nevinnomyssk)

Volunteer student crime watch

Kocherov Iurii Nikolaevich

The group is a joint project with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Nevinnomyssk. Students are trained to patrol the city, provide assistance in case of emergency, and help ensure safety during major city events.

"NCFU Wave"  volunteer group

Borisenko Natalia

The main focus of the group is event volunteering.
 The group also assists in organizing events in the city, territory and region and organizes social campaigns to promote volunteering.


NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk)




Brief information

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Union of International Students

Coordinators – Povolotskii Aleksandr Viktorovich, Soloveva Marina Ivanovna

President (2019/20 acad.year) – Ezhidio Nanga

Union of  International Students - an international, intercultural association of  international students (UIS NCFU). It unites all international students of the University. The activity is aimed at adapting international students to life in Russia, at assisting them in studies and everyday life, protecting their rights, integrating them into the student environment and actively involving international students in extracurricular life at NCFU.

"In Russian Only" Club

Banshchikova Tatiana Nikolaevna

Club for international and Russian students who want to adapt to the conditions of study in Russia and improve their knowledge of the Russian language.  Club for communication, exchange of experience, obtaining new knowledge and psychological assistance and support.

"My Russian Universities" Programme

Khodus Viacheslav Petrovich

A club for everyone who wants to improve their Russian language skills, especially international students who have difficulties in communication process.

"International Techno Art" Cultural and leisure center for international students

Tereshchenko Ekaterina Konstantinovna

A leisure center for international students, in which they learn the culture and customs of our country, learn to communicate and gain new skills interacting with Russian students.

"Чиллишь in English" language club

Tsiavkun Anastasia Alekseevna


Club for learning English. Open for international and Russian students of NCFU to communicate with each other.



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"Palette" student association

Luchina Ksenia

The association is developing drawing skills of all interested university students. It conducts master classes for residents of Stavropol and children from orphan homes.

"Hamlet" literary group

Daria Prasolova

The activities of the group are aimed at developing the creative potential of students.  Literary evenings on book readings and poem reading workshops are held.

"LIKRIKER" videograph creative association

Zotkin Mikhail Mikhailovich

The main activity of the association is to attract new participants and train them in video shooting and video editing.

"Bricks" creative association

Shvachev Dmitrii Pavlovich

The association is engaged in teaching and developing acting skills of students from its institute. It stages performances based on various literary works.

"Point of view" discussion club

Afunz Daniel

Development of youth communicative literacy through a series of educational trainings and seminars, popularization of debates as intellectual sports.

"Our opinion" discussion club

Dolgova Tatiana

Teaching rhetoric, public speaking skills through training games in different styles of debate.


NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk )

"EXCLUSIVE" choreographic team


Pautina Evgenia Dmitrievna

Galstian Liana Kamoevna

The team develops dance skills of the Institute of Engineering students.

"Kvadzhaz" dance team

Fedorova Kristina Aleksandrovna

Chepeleva Liliia Viktorovna

The team develops dance skills of students including those with no choreographic training.


"Road Home" Rock band

Kapushev Taulan

Association of students with musical instrument skills.  They are engaged in honing their skills, as well as studying and playing new musical compositions.




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Student Press Centre

Torgashina Elizaveta

Social media coverage of all university events, photo and video shooting, SMM support.

"TV descent" media association

Ezhova Elena Nikolaevna

Industry-specific associations that improve journalism skills.

"Mediawave" creative  association



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"What? Where? When?" intellectual club

Katovich Veronika Evgenevna

The clubs focus on intellectual entertainment of students. They teach to play various intellectual games, write question packages, organize training games, and participate in student leagues of the city.

"Power of thought" intellectual club

Anastasia Leliukh

Tereshchenko Ekaterina Konstantinovna




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"Classics" Student pedagogic team

Head – Grobova Tatiana Anatolevna

Leader – Danilov Kirill

The team work all year round, at summer it works in health campuses of the Russian Federation, and it works with students from NCFU, city and region, city and regional educational institutions for children.

"Start" Student sports and  pedagogic team

Zagrudnii Viacheslav Vitalevich

At summer the team works together with the “Classics” team in health campuses of the Russian Federation. Provider for sports support of summer campaign programmes.

"Origin" Student patriotic team

Belobrova Iuliia Alekseevna

The activities of the team are aimed at developing students, expanding their knowledge about the history and culture of Russia, organizing interesting and informative events and leisure.

"Contributors" Juridical team

Romanov Evgenii Aleksandrovich

Grudnev  Viacheslav Olegovich

The activities of the team are aimed at formation of an active citizenship, development of legal knowledge and patriotic education of youth.

"Golden Eagle" Construction team

Samokhvalov Ivan

The team is engaged in reconstruction of historical buildings of the city. At summer it also takes part in student construction works.

Student ecological council

Head – Movsesova Viktoriia Valerevna

Leader -

Markovskaia Angelina

The Council educates university students as well as schoolchildren about the environmental situation in the city, country and the world. It organizes various environmental campaigns (collection of waste paper, plastic bottles etc.)

"Elborus" Construction team

Mironov Andrei

Industry-specific construction teams. They cooperate with IDGC of Northern Caucasus, PJCS. The teams work at their objects at summer.

"Lights of Stavropol" Student energetic team

Mironov Andrei



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Student Ethnic Council

Merzhoeva Hiadi Magomedovna

It is a platform for international interaction, patriotic education and legal culture of students, and is also engaged in the prevention of interethnic extremism.

"NCFU Welcome – centre"

Zaitseva Iuliia Aleksandrovna

The center is engaged in popularization and development of youth tourism, motivating students to help resolve issues related to creation of an attractive tourist image of NCFU, the city, region and country.

"RiaDom" ("Nearby") Student club

Vasiuk Irina Vasilevna

The main goals of the club are:  formation of students' social communication skills, broadening the horizons of students;  introducing students to social activities, promoting formation of high moral qualities and aesthetic tastes among students, development of their organizational and creative abilities.

NCFU travelers club

Iurin Dmitrii Viktorovich

Hiking in memorable and interesting places for the purpose of patriotic education, as well as promotion of eco-tourism, collecting field material for research as part of student education process.

"Psyche" Student  psychologic volunteer team

Makadei Liudmila Ilinichna

Students of specialized areas of training provide psychological support to all who need it, under the guidance of teachers.

"STRIZH" Informational and  entertaining association

Kalestratov Kirill

The association covers events within the institute, city and territory, as well as attracts and trains new members.

(ISTD, NCFU branch in Pyatigorsk)

"Patriot" Student club

Siushkin Dmitrii

The main activity of the club is to increase the level of patriotic education. Club members also provide assistance and support to veterans of war.

"Ethnos" Student club

Sakaeva Viktoriia

The club helps students from different regions of the country and the world adapt. It familiarizes branch students with culture and traditions of different nations.

"Leader" Student club

Marina Kim

The club is engaged in the development of leadership qualities and other competencies that help in the implementation of activities within the public life of the institute.