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Date of material placement: 28-04-2014, 12:14 Category: Student life
Good April in Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
For entire April the Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has been holding "good campaigns” initiated by the Department for educational activities together with the students.

Date of material placement: 24-04-2014, 17:32 Category: Student life
Wonderland Open … Forever!
The Theatre Studio of NCFU had its first night of Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll). Tell me a tale, little Alice is asking her Dad, and here it is – dark gives way to some mystery light, and there is a lop-eared Rabbit and not Dad anymore, and then he disappears, too…

Date of material placement: 23-04-2014, 16:15 Category: Student life
Best Swimmers Awarded
A swimming contest held among students residing in the NCFU dormitories brought together 65 young sportsmen. The ordeal included a relay (women) 3 x 50 m; relay (men) 4 x 100; and individual sprint. The best female team, as we know now, resides in Dorm № 4, while the girls residing in Dorms № 5 and № 6 are silver and bronze winners respectively.

Date of material placement: 8-04-2014, 15:58 Category: Student life
Young Linguists at International Level
Faculty of Philology, Journalism, and Intercultural Communication held the Conference on the results of field placement for 2nd year Master students majoring in Linguistics.The students representing the three training programmes (Translation Studies, Theoretical & Applied Linguistics, and Theory & Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures) shared the results and the skills they acquired through the training.

Date of material placement: 7-04-2014, 10:45 Category: Student life
Poetry Contest Results Announced
The winners of the 1st International Poetry Translation Contest got their awards! This contest was arranged by the Department for Translation Theory and Practice (NCFU) together with the Yerevan State Linguistic University.

Date of material placement: 3-04-2014, 18:14 Category: Student life
Winner to Get White Castle
Part of the Week of Department for Theoretical Physics held at the Institute for Mathematics and Natural Sciences was the chess contest WHITE CASTLE in memory of Lev Kaplan, former head of the department who facilitated the introduction of one of the courses – Astro-Physics.

Date of material placement: 31-03-2014, 18:05 Category: Student life
Jewelry Box Exhibition at NCFU
Should you come to the NCFU don’t pass by the entrance hall at Building 1. IN no other place shall you see an exhibition like this one – Ethnic World in Jewelry Box, which is held to mark the Year of Culture in Russia. All the exhibits displayed here have been provided by Anzhelika Shestakova, Associate Prof., Department of Economic & Social Geography. And this collection of boxes and tiny chests offers is a truly unique view.