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Date of material placement: 30-09-2016, 10:08 Category: Student life
NCFU Mini-Football Team Inviting New Players
Dear students, We are currently enrolling players to the male mini-football team of NCGU. Students of any year are welcome.

Date of material placement: 7-06-2016, 16:35 Category: Student life, University
Institute of Education & Social Science Wins Rector’s Cup
North-Caucasus hosted Rector’s Cup 2015-2016, which is a set of contests aimed at involving more and more students in regular sport practices and selecting the best athletes.

Date of material placement: 16-05-2016, 10:57 Category: Student life
Award for Hero
Alexander Verisokin (Post-graduate student, Institute of Oil and Gas) was given an award for his heroic deed at a fire.

Date of material placement: 13-05-2016, 17:53 Category: Student life
NCFU Delegation Held Talks in Hungary
An NCFU delegation (Alina Levitskaya /Rector/, Dmitry Sumskoy /First Pro-Rector/, Alexey Lodygin /Deputy Director for Scientific Activity, Institute for Life Science/, Igor Kryuchkov /Head of Dept for Foreign History, Political Studies, and International Relations/) visited Hungary meting the Rector’s office and the teaching staff at the Kaposvar University.

Date of material placement: 14-04-2016, 10:42 Category: Student life
NCFU Students Gave Stavropol a New Alley
Students of Institute for Education & Social Sciences gave Stavropol a special gift – a walking alley, which was done to mark the 71st Anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII.

Date of material placement: 3-03-2016, 15:21 Category: Student life
Miss NCFU-2016
This concentration of beauty and talent at one place at the same time was unbelievable – NCFU held the long-awaited beauty, grace and charm pageant Miss NCFU-2016.

Date of material placement: 12-10-2015, 14:35 Category: Student life
NCFU Students in Super-finals of International Mathematics Contest
The Ariel University, Israel, hosted the Super-finals of the Open International Mathematics Inernet-Olympiad with 69 students of Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan competing.