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Date of material placement: 13-05-2016, 17:53 Category: Student life
NCFU Delegation Held Talks in Hungary
An NCFU delegation (Alina Levitskaya /Rector/, Dmitry Sumskoy /First Pro-Rector/, Alexey Lodygin /Deputy Director for Scientific Activity, Institute for Life Science/, Igor Kryuchkov /Head of Dept for Foreign History, Political Studies, and International Relations/) visited Hungary meting the Rector’s office and the teaching staff at the Kaposvar University.

Date of material placement: 14-04-2016, 10:42 Category: Student life
NCFU Students Gave Stavropol a New Alley
Students of Institute for Education & Social Sciences gave Stavropol a special gift – a walking alley, which was done to mark the 71st Anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII.

Date of material placement: 3-03-2016, 15:21 Category: Student life
Miss NCFU-2016
This concentration of beauty and talent at one place at the same time was unbelievable – NCFU held the long-awaited beauty, grace and charm pageant Miss NCFU-2016.

Date of material placement: 12-10-2015, 14:35 Category: Student life
NCFU Students in Super-finals of International Mathematics Contest
The Ariel University, Israel, hosted the Super-finals of the Open International Mathematics Inernet-Olympiad with 69 students of Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan competing.

Date of material placement: 12-01-2015, 15:10 Category: Student life
Training in Emirates
End of December was a special time for a group of students majoring in Hotel Management (Institute of Service, Tourism and Design / branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk) as they spent a week undergoing training within the Hotel and Tourism Business in UAE programme.

Date of material placement: 8-12-2014, 12:12 Category: Student life
NCFU Sportsmen Win in Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland hosted European Championship in Shotokan Karate, where the strongest fighters of 23 countries came to lock horns for the top titles. 

Date of material placement: 5-12-2014, 18:35 Category: Student life
New Hall of Residence Opened!
North-Caucasus Federal University had an official opening of the new hall of residence, which opened its doors to students, post-graduates and student families.