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Date of material placement: 11-02-2014, 15:35 Category: Student life
Build Your Own Career
The Department for Capitalization of Intellectual Potential is happy to invite you to join the training workshops: Career – where do you begin? How to write the right CV; Time-management: manage your time efficiently; Setting the aims and your career.

Date of material placement: 10-02-2014, 15:30 Category: Student life
NCFU Basketball Team Getting Even Better in Division
Last weekend the NCFU Gym was a battle arena for the basketball teams of the NCFU and ELBRUS of Cherkessk. The matches were held as part of the Divisional Stage of Championship and the Cup of Russia (Men’s) in the First League of South Russia.

Date of material placement: 10-02-2014, 15:27 Category: Student life
Hotline for Residents of Dormitories
For students residing at the NCFU dormitories there is a hotline available where they can obtain information related to the residence fee issues. The line is available Monday through Friday, 10:00 – 18:00. Telephone: 8-800-333-91-94

Date of material placement: 6-02-2014, 16:40 Category: Student life
Olympics as Seen by NCFU Students
The most meaningful sports event of the latest years that has been taking Russia getting ready for seven years now – the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Paralympics – START! Over 50 NCFU students have gone as volunteers to the Olympics-2014. We will be publishing news coming from them telling about their impressions and lots of interesting information from the very heart of the Olympics.

Date of material placement: 5-02-2014, 16:19 Category: Student life
First Pro-Rector Dmitry Sumskoy Had a Meeting with Students and Post-Graduates
Dmitry Sumskoy (First Pro-Rector, NCFU) had a meeting with the most active senior students and post-graduates Other participants were Lyudmila Alieva (Department for International Affairs) and Irina Lukiantseva (Head of Department for Youth Policy, Student Bodies, and Initiatives. The meeting was far from purely official, yet with tea and cookies.

Date of material placement: 5-02-2014, 16:14 Category: Student life
NCFU’s Best Project at Russian National School Leader of ХХI century
Rostov-on-Don hosted the winter session of Russian National School for Student Self-Government Leader of ХХI century where over 200 leaders of student government bodies (50 areas of Russian Federation) came to work together, four of them representing the NCFU.

Date of material placement: 4-02-2014, 16:55 Category: Student life
Law Students to Receive Training
The Institute for Law held a starting conference for second-year students who to undergo training within their civil-law field placement. For two weeks they will be acquiring knowledge at law agencies, with private lawyers, and public registrars thus getting to know numerous legal issues and many other the things straight from the horse’s mouth.